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After spending 15 years in the classroom as an English teacher, Nicole published seven YA novels with Next Chapter Publishing. She realized how difficult it was to find affordable, reliable, and knowledgable editors and proofreaders outside of a Big 5 publishing contract, and she decided to help fill that void. Nicole has worked on a number of fantastic novels with authors that have become must-reads.

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Line Edit $.01/word

A line edit consists of a line-by-line assessment of your manuscript for grammar and readability.

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Developmental Edit .02/word

A developmental edit consists of a deep dive into your plot, characters, pacing, dialog, and more to give you suggestions to make the content of your story as strong as it can be.

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Proofread .005/word

A proofread consists of a final read-through of your manuscript for grammatical errors, typos, etc. This piece should have already been professionally edited and simply need one more pair of eyes prior to publication.

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Nicole Campbell is a God send! My novel, Annice and Jeremy: A Grim Fairytale, is over two-hundred thousand words, but she did her beta read in eight days. I received exactly what she says she will deliver, well worth the money. Her style, while professional, felt like having a conversation with a good friend who just happens to know what she’s talking about concerning writing, plot, and characterization. With ten years as an English teacher, Nicole is as experienced as the most sought after editors, but her prices are affordable for us first-time novelists who have to choose between getting professional help or eating that week. Nicole makes this an easy choice since she is so affordable. She took the time to get to know my characters like we all hope a reader will, but she kept aloof enough to keep a critical eye out for the tiniest of plot holes and random awkward sentences. I will be using her for all my books and will suggest her to any writer who wants to get their work to a publish ready level.

-Annette Abernathy

After much trial an error with editors, I was so happy I found Nicole a little over a year ago. She is extremely thorough, and I trust her completely with my work. She's just about to polish my third novel, and I couldn't be more excited. I love her so much! I highly recommend her!!

-Samantha Armstrong

I was delighted with Nicole’s feedback. I’ve had beta readers who only focused on the problems, which was disheartening. Nicole managed to highlight what worked well and the bits she loved, whilst constructively pointing out areas that needed attention. I enjoyed the chatty style of her chapter by chapter comments, which included predictions of where she thought the story might be headed – all this gave me a great insight into how my words were coming across to ‘the reader’. Although this wasn’t a copy edit, Nicole also spotted a number of frequent spelling (not picked up by spell-check) and grammatical errors, which was much appreciated.

Nicole’s feedback has helped me fine tune and tweak my MS and she has hugely boosted my dented confidence. Thank you! Her competitive prices were one of the things that initially attracted me, and she is affordable enough to be able to keep coming back in future.

I felt my MS was very safe in the hands of such an enthusiastic book lover like myself!

-Lara Kellet-Smith

Professional, thorough and with very helpful comments on each chapter, Her beta report, critiques structured into three sections – author’s questions/concerns, the plot and character development, end of chapter notes – goes through what works well in your book and what can be further improved. She both picks on tiny details and looks at the bigger picture, and her comments are written with the excitement of a reader. Her enthusiasm and her willingness to really explore my concerns in long paragraphs, heightened my appreciation. You won’t be disappointed!

– Dharshaini Ganapathy

Nicole’s service was outstanding. She pointed out the things that worked well and also pointed out things that were confusing with a character. The most helpful part of her reading was the comments detailing each chapter’s response. It was beyond helpful to see how a reader would react or feel when so-and-so event happened or a character was introduced. After she returned the manuscript with her detailed notes chapter by chapter and an overview on plot and characters, she heard me out about ideas for future revisions. Seriously, don’t miss out on a chance to work with her!

-Rebecca Cousins

Nicole Campbell

@nicolecampbellbooks on IG and FB

@ncampbellbooks on Twitter